Hofkes Frölke Meekel organisatiepsychologen B.V., operating under the name of HFMtalentindex, acts with due care with respect to the details of visitors to our website and readers of our digital newsletters. Personal details are processed and secured meticulously and HFMtalentindex always observes the requirements of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

Your identity information may be processed by HFMtalentindex for the purpose of managing our customer database or our prospects database.

If you subscribe to the digital HFMtalentindex newsletter, it means you have given HFMtalentindex your consent to periodically send you the HFMtalentindex newsletter at the email address you have given us. Every newsletter you receive from HFMtalentindex offers you the option of “unsubscribing” from the HFMtalentindex newsletter. If you decide to “unsubscribe”, you will not receive any more HFMtalentindex newsletters.

You have the right to check the personal details registered by HFMtalentindex and to correct any errors. To exercise that right, please send a letter containing an explicit request to that end to HFMtalentindex:

P.O. Box 1775
1000 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

HFMtalentindex will reply within 10 days of your request.

HFMtalentindex has safety procedures to ensure that no unauthorised persons can gain access to your details.

HFMtalentindex measures data pertaining to visitors to our website and readers of our newsletters, such as information about the equipment and software used and information about the reading behaviour and the length of the visit to the site. That information cannot be retraced to the identity of the site’s visitor and will not be linked to individuals. The measured data is incorporated into statistics which we can use to review the effectiveness and success rate of the information we offer and the navigation structure for the purpose of optimising the layout of the website so that HFMtalentindex can continue to improve its services.