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A world-class integrated online employee evaluation and assessment platform


Organisations around the world are using HFMtalentindex to revolutionise their talent management and employee assessment strategies. With HFMtalentindex, you can clearly and concisely visualise the qualities of your people, whether it be for selection, development or talent management. Be at the forefront of innovation by managing each stage of the employee lifecycle from your centralised digital platform.

Talent assessment

Our range of HPCSA registered online employee assessments are based on a comprehensive competency library. Assess candidates at the click of a button, and obtain turnkey reports and customised  results by selecting competencies that provide the most insight for your roles, teams and organisation.

Talent development

User-friendly employee self-assessment and multi-rater development tools make it easy to rapidly identify strengths and growth opportunities. Employees can manage their own development via their personal e-portfolios, while 360-degree feedback can be used to obtain a comprehensive view of performance.

Talent management and performance

HFMtalentindex helps you focus on the individual and collective talent of your workforce. Our online platform gives you the tools you need to track the on-going success factors and competency profiles of employees, gain insight into performance issues and use this information to build winning teams.

Talent analytics

Harness the power of data mining with our automated, real-time talent dashboards. These present an in-depth view of the qualities and development needs of your employees. You can read the analyses at group level and also compare groupss, allowing you to gain rich insight into the talent map of your organisation.

Introducing TeamsDNA: a new innovation from HFMtalentindex

High performing teams don’t develop in isolation. It is important to actively assess and develop the qualities of your team to ensure increased performance and ongoing effectiveness.

How learning agile is HR in South Africa? Here are the answers!

Nowadays, every employee needs to be learning agile to cope with the ever-increasing rate of change. But what about HR? Is HR agile and ready to take on the demands of change in the organisation?

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Base your business strategy on the qualities of your people.

HFMtalentindex Talent Analytics will allow you to assess and nurture the aptitude of your workforce. You can test, adjust for growth and give your managers valuable tools for constructive feedback as you gain more insight into the HR data of your organisation.

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Know your employees' qualities.

Testing their competencies might seem like a challenging and lengthy operation but with HFMtalentindex, we give you very rapid insight into the qualities present in your organisation.

Online selection assessments: keeping pace with the needs of candidates and HR

Recruiting new employees is one of the most important and costly processes that companies need to go through. The goal is always to hire the most talented individuals – yet there is always a risk of making the wrong selection decision, with all of the associated cost and time implications. With this in mind, it makes sense that 75% of Fortune 500 companies make use of psychometric assessments to help them make more objective selection decisions.

Learning Agility: Succession planning over the long-term

The science of strategic workforce planning involves being able to predict talent gaps and fill them with the right employees. This planning process needs to happen five to ten years in advance, to ensure that talent within the organisation is nurtured and developed effectively.

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