South African survey: What motivates employees to move jobs?

CareerJunction recently published the results of their latest South African recruitment survey. They wanted to find out more about the factors that motivate employees to actively and passively seek new jobs.

Based on a sample of over 10 500 participants, the vast majority (91%) felt that they would move jobs if presented with a competitive offer. When asked what their primary motivators would be in a new role, participants favoured salary and benefits the highest (37%), followed by career growth (36%) and work/life balance (17%). Given that more than half of the surveyed sample earn less than R150 000 p.a. (R12 500 per month), it is understandable that financial considerations are top of mind when considering employment opportunities.

When questioned about their loyalty to a company, 45% of the participants indicated that they expect to move jobs every 4-9 years. 35% Stated that they prefer to stay in a specific organisation for more than 10 years, while 20% indicated that they like to move every 1-3 years.

To find out more and see the full infographic of results from CareerJunction, click here.