Learning Agility of HR
How learning agile is HR in South Africa? Here are the answers!

Nowadays, every employee needs to be learning agile to cope with the ever-increasing rate of change. But what about HR? Is HR agile and ready to take on the demands of change in the organisation?

Learning agility and leader success
Learning Agility and leader success: Results from a meta-analysis

A large number of practical case studies and testimonials speak to the power of Learning Agility in predicting high potentials and future high performers.  But does it stand up to scrutiny when subjected to rigorous statistics?

Learning agility global research summary
Learning Agility: Results from the HFMtalentindex global study

Since the development of our first Learning Agility assessment in 2014, HFMtalentindex has been conducting a global research study into the functioning and effectiveness of Learning Agility. Download our research summary for more information about Learning Agility and the performance of individuals, teams and more...

How learning agile is HR? First results from the South African study

How learning agile is HR in South Africa? Are HR professionals ready to meet the increased demands of change? These are some of the questions being asked by the Learning Agility in HR study. Below we present some of the initial findings from the research. 

HR Learning Agility Research Study – Participate now!

How agile is HR in South Africa, and how ready is it to meet the increased demands of relentless change?

Learning Agility: Maximising collaboration to meet business goals

Learning Agility and effective collaboration is the competitive edge necessary to thrive in volatile and changing business environments...

Researching the link between learning agility and job performance
The relationship between Learning Agility and performance

To what extent does measuring Learning Agility help us to predict the performance of professionals and leaders in the workplace?

Team performance
The link between Learning Agility and team performance

Research shows an important link between Learning Agility and development of team performance, particularly with regard to People Agility and Self-awareness...

Why are employees at Google more productive?
Why are employees at Google more productive?

With top companies such as Apple and Google producing more innovation and higher profits than ever, one question remains... Which talent management methods help their employees be so successful and productive?

The secrets to happiness at work: results from a global study

A recent multi-national study surveyed over 23,000 employees to find out what makes them happier and more engaged at work…

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