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  • Grow competencies, Learning Agility and skills
  • Maximise the learning of leaders and professionals
  • Give direction to development efforts

Solving Succession Planning workshop

Close the loop of your talent management knowledge and skills with this step-by-step workshop on effective succession planning in the digital workplace.

Delegates will be equipped with practical guidelines on how to execute a successful succession planning strategy, including the relevant theories, tools and approaches to ensure a comprehensive, objective approach.

Effective 360 Feedback and Development workshop

Learn how to run 360-degree feedback initiatives that deliver impactful results for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Delegates will be equipped to conceptualise and plan Develop projects, as well as deliver effective feedback to participants.

Select for Managers workshop

Learn more about an effective, objective end-to-end selection process, how to profile roles in terms of competencies, and how to conduct competency-based interviews.

Learning Agility GO Bootcamp

Learn more about Learning Agility and the role it plays in the workplace.

Delegates will be empowered to understand their Learning Agility results in terms of their strengths and development areas, as well as what to focus on next. This will set the direction for their Agility development journey.

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