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Volume Candidate Screening

Smart, online solution for high-volume selection

  • Measures General Mental Ability, predicts job performance
  • Measures personality, predicts workplace behaviour
  • Candidate ranking, analytics and comprehensive reports


Key benefits:

  • Fully scalable solutions
  • Tests and reports available in up to 30 languages.
  • Includes a competency framework, a profile library and an interview guide
  • High data security
  • Used by +200 organisations within a wide range of industries
  • Easy to integrate

Reuse test results:

  • Sometimes you find a great candidate that doesn’t fit the role they applied for. Do you want to match their result against another role or against a different set of candidates?
  • Automatically suggests suitable candidates
  • Arrange candidates in sequenced stages and automate the administration process.

Seamless integration:

  • Are you currently using an applicant tracking system (ATS), a customised business application or a corporate interface? Not a problem.

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing framework. Examples of our currently integrated partners are Aditro, Prepaird, Reachmee, Youcruit, Webcruiter and Zerolime. Is your solution not on the list? Request our API and you can easily integrate



Adaptive assessment of General Mental Ability

Matrigma is a GMA test that predicts successful performance across all industries and for all levels of job complexity. The non-verbal and non-numerical format of the test ensures a wide application, beyond cultural, educational and linguistic barriers.


Big five personality assessment

MAP is a comprehensive personality questionnaire based on the Five Factor Model. It measures a wide range of individual characteristics and predicts behaviours critical for the workplace. MAP is used for recruitment, on-boarding, development, succession planning and career counselling.

Competency Framework

Aligning psychometric outcomes to behaviour-based competencies

Finding high performers is not only about identifying general talent. Making the right match for a particular role in your specific company is just as critical. By profiling a job role in terms of competencies, you can easily measure your candidates against these specific demands and see how well they fit the profile.

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