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Understanding motivations

Knowing the drivers that determine the behaviour of your employees

  • Knowing your employees’ sources of energy
  • Insight into preferred roles
  • Tips for effective cooperation & organisational culture

The aim: knowing what drives your employees

Career Drives is an online survey of driving forces that enables you to identify the preferred roles (colours) and values of your employees. Do they want security? Do they want freedom? Do they want responsibility? Career Drives rapidly and conveniently reveals what truly drives your employees and what their career goals are. Career Drives therefore makes it possible to encourage employees based on what they are passionate about and thereby secure their full commitment. The survey improves performance by helping you to ensure that employees and teams are always doing what they are best at.

How it works: by identifying preferred roles and specific professional values

Career Drives works according to the validated model of Robert Quinn. The way in which your employees function and behave towards each other is revealed on the basis of eight preferred roles. These roles are indicated by colours. Besides indicating the roles preferred by the candidate, Career Drives also provides the reasons for the preferences. A preference for the role of ‘Entrepreneur’, for example, may be based on a need for success or the urge to blaze a new trail. Career Drives therefore provides in-depth insight into an employee’s driving forces.

The result: targeted development

Career Drives gives direction to the choices that your employees make regarding their development. In addition, employees become more aware of what energises them. Managers can more easily foster development and fulfil a coaching role. The overview of your employees’ driving forces is shown in your People Qualities Dashboard and provides insight into the culture of your organisation and its units.

Career Drives, a component of HFMtalentindex

Career Drives is a component of HFMtalentindex, the most advanced and easy-to-use online assessment system currently available. HFMtalentindex provides you with scientifically tested, reliable and valid psychological tests that you can use easily and rapidly at any time during the HR process, so you benefit more from talent.

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