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Top Five Competencies

Insight into key strengths

  • Gain insight into an individual’s top five competency-based strengths
  • Simple narrative report designed for the individual
  • Can be used for career guidance, succession planning and development

What areas are you most likely to excel in?

The Top Five Competencies report answers this question. It is a personality-based narrative report that focuses on an individual’s highest areas of competency potential. Knowledge of these top competencies can be used by the individual to gain insight into his/her unique pattern of strengths for career guidance and self-development. It can also be used by organisations wishing to develop individuals in a certain direction.

Results: Overview of an individual’s top five areas of competency potential

Answers the question: What competencies have I got the highest potential for?

Domain: HPCSA registered HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality assessment

Time: 20 minutes

Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Self-insight, Development, Succession Planning, Career Guidance

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