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Talent Scan

Strength based candidate feedback on personal talents

  • A positive, development focused and strength based report
  • Provides an overview of personal talents within eight key business areas
  • Each talent is broken down with concrete tips for further development

Increase self insight and self development

The Talent Scan is a personality based report that focuses on an individual’s top talents within eight business areas. Each highlighted talent also includes pitfalls, challenges and tips to harness the candidate’s strengths to best effect. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a personal development plan, encouraging employees to gain self insight and prioritise growth. The report includes a development plan template that helps employees identify their most relevant challenges and put concrete action plans in place.

Results: Overview of personal strengths in relation to a number of universally relevant business skills

Answers the question: What are my key talents and how can I develop them further?

Domain: HPCSA registered HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality assessment

Time: 20 minutes

Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Self insight, Development, Succession Planning, Career Guidance

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