Selectie Assessment

Online Selection Assessment

A world-class integrated online recruitment assessment

  • All-in-one testing solution to help you hire the best talent for your business
  • Test Personality, Cognitive Ability, Motivations and Agility
  • Customisable competency-based report with job role fit

The Select assessment and report - a comprehensive measure of candidate potential

The need: To reduce mishires and ensure optimal role fit by choosing the best talent the first time around.

The solution: The Select takes bias and guesswork out of the equation by objectively measuring all areas of candidate potential, including Personality, Competency Potential, Learning Agility, Cognitive Ability and Motivations.

The outcome: An integrated, business-relevant report with accurate and reliable insights into a candidate’s suitability.

Areas measured by the Select online selection assessment

How it works: by interviewing the right candidates

The Select can be relied upon to produce accurate and reliable insights into a candidate’s suitability. The Select provides far more than most test reports, supplying not only useful information about the candidate’s Competencies, Cognitive Ability, Motivations, and Learning Agility, but also practical Competency-based questions for the selection interview. The questions are automatically customised to match the candidate’s test results. The Select is a test report and practical interview tool at the same time.

Results: Integrated assessment report, including Competency Potential, Motivations, Learning Agility and Cognitive Ability

Answers the question: Should I hire the candidate for this role?

Domain:  The HFMtalentindex Personality, Motivations and Cognitive Ability assessments

Time:  90 minutes

Administration:  Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use:  Selection

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