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An objective picture of sales talent

Online sales potential assessment

  • Discover a candidate’s potential for a sales or commercial position
  • Assessment includes an aptitude rating on 11 sales competencies
  • Gain insight into key sales success and risk factors for each candidate

Improve sales performance with objective measurement

The Sales Potential Index (SPI) helps you to discover which candidates are cut out to be your top sales performers. The report provides an overall indicator of potential sales success, as well as a detailed look at candidate aptitude on each of the research based sales competencies. The goal? To identify talented sales people with an objective measure, cut down interviewing time and hire commercially driven employees who get results.

How it works: Predicting sales success

The SPI gives you certainty about the commercial qualities and pitfalls of your candidates. The 11 competencies included in the report are based on research studies that repeatedly show that these behaviours have the most predictive value for commercial success. The SPI lists each of the candidate’s success and risk factors, enabling you to highlight key areas for further development.

Results: Competency based sales potential

Answers the question: Is this person likely to be an effective sales person?

Domain: HPCSA registered HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality assessment

Time: 20 minutes

Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Selection, Development, Performance Management, Talent Management, Sales Team Management

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