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An objective picture of management talent

Online assessment of management competencies and potential

  • An objective measure of management potential
  • Insights based on a set of researched and validated management competencies
  • Determine an individual’s overall potential index, detailed competency scores

Highlight management talent and identify future leaders

The Management Potential Index (MPI) provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s aptitude on a selection of leadership competencies. It allows you to determine whether a person is suitable for a management role, and also provides a detailed breakdown of specific strengths and the capacity to develop on six core management competencies.  The MPI additionally tests three leadership styles: directing, coaching and entrepreneurial, to determine not only whether a person has the potential to manage, but also the style they are likely to adopt when leading others.

How it works: Management potential from personality

The results of the MPI are based on the HFMtalentindex Personality Assessment, a comprehensive, validated and HPCSA registered test based on the Big Five model. The HFMtalentindex online assessment system translates the results of the personality test into the candidate’s aptitude for the management competencies, based on a scientific algorithm that has been developed and perfected over the past 20 years.  

Results: Competency based management potential

Answers the question: Is this person likely to be an effective manager? How is he/she likely to manage others (in terms of leadership style)?

Domain: HPCSA registered HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality assessment

Time: 20 minutes

Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Selection, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Performance Management

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