Interactive Development Plan

Let's grow

  • Clear targets and concrete actions
  • The employee in the lead
  • More control of development

The aim: to discuss development

The Development Compass shapes the employees’ development as a serious and continuous process. Development targets become clear and the path to those targets is easy to follow for everyone involved.

How it works: by making choices

The Development Compass helps the employee to incorporate the input and results of his online competency assessments into his personal development plan. It comprehensively reveals which competencies most urgently need development and which areas will benefit most rapidly.

The result: continuous development

With the Development Compass, the various parties involved assume joint responsibility: the employee instigates his development and sets tangible targets. The Development Compass helps the employee to make choices. The manager tests, spars and coaches at the employee’s request. The development occurs at the workplace while HR remains in control and monitors progress using the Development Issues Dashboard.

Development Compass, a component of HFMtalentindex

The Development Compass is a component of HFMtalentindex, the most advanced and easy-to-use online assessment system currently available. HFMtalentindex provides you with scientifically tested, reliable and valid psychological tests that you can use easily and rapidly at any time during the HR process, so you benefit more from talent.

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