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Competency Profiler

Profile job roles in terms of key competencies

  • A quick and easy methodology to compile job-specific competency profiles online
  • Can be completed by all relevant stakeholders in 30 minutes
  • Profiles can be immediately applied to the HFMtalentindex online assessments

Competency profiles aligned to job performance

Get the most valuable information out of HFMtalentindex’s competency based assessments by profiling job roles in terms of competencies.

HFMtalentindex has a library of 44 competencies separated into four clusters: Operational, Interpersonal, Personal and Conceptual. This list of competencies provides the basis for the HFMtalentindex online Competency Profiler – a foolproof questionnaire that results in a unique profile of competencies that are aligned to role expectations, deliverables and performance.

How it works: Profile a role in 30 minutes

Stakeholders who have experience with the position in question – including employees, managers, incumbents and HR – provide their view about the behaviour required for the position. This results in an objective and clear competency profile. The Competency Profiler automatically combines the answers of all the respondents into a single report that can immediately be applied to HFMtalentindex’s competency based assessment tools.

Results: A competency profile aligned to a particular job role

Answers the question: Which competencies are required to perform in this role?

Time: 30 minutes

Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Selection, Development, Succession Planning, Team Management, Organisational Planning

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