360 Degree Feedback

Online 360 degree evaluation

  • Online and customisable competency based 360 degree feedback tool
  • Space for qualitative comments and personal explanations to substantiate ratings
  • Select highly relevant competencies from HFMtalentindex’s competency library

A holistic 360 performance appraisal and review

The HFM360® is a comprehensive and completely customisable tool that is used to measure competency performance. The competency based ratings and personal comments are used as a starting point for the employee’s personal development plan, or are used to assess ongoing development initiatives.

How it works: Compiling multi-rater views on performance

HFM360® is a fully automated assessment for collecting online 360 degree performance feedback on your employees. You can choose an unlimited number of feedback providers, including managers, colleagues, subordinates and external stakeholders.

The report combines the feedback from various parties in a detailed strength-weakness analysis, providing a comprehensive basis for a personal development plan, wherein an employee can map an action plan to identified areas of development.  The 360 degrees feedback tool leads to concrete development results.

Results: Competency performance based on a 360 review

Answers the question:How is this person performing on the following competencies?

Domain: HFM360® Performance Questionnaire

Time: 20-30 minutes

Mode of Administration: Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use: Development, Performance Management, Talent Management, Leadership Development

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