• Know what makes your employees successful
  • Analyse success factors
  • Higher success rate
  • Lower turnover rate


The aim: to know for certain what determines success

HFMtalentindex uses advanced statistical techniques to identify the qualities that really make the difference between excellent performance and average performance on the part of an employee. You are therefore aware of the qualities to focus on in the selection and development of employees, and this awareness is based on certainty, not speculation.

How it works: by analysing your best performers

The personalities, competencies, driving forces and cognitive intelligence of your best employees are compared with the qualities of employees who do not perform as well. The method works even with respect to relatively small groups of approximately 50 employees and is exceptionally good in settings where many employees do the same work (call centres, sales, intermediaries and large business service companies).

The result: lower costs, a higher success rate and a lower turnover rate

By selecting people on the basis of qualities with a proven positive effect on the result, you get employees who perform better, who learn the job faster, who are less likely to quit and who generate more revenue.