• Gain insight into the competency based strengths and weaknesses of candidates and employees
  • Customised to the unique competencies required for a specific role
  • Rapid and accurate gauge of potential
  • Includes competency based questions for the selection interview

Measuring competency potential

The Competency Assessment System (CAS) provides an overview of an individual’s overall suitability for a specific role, in terms of those competencies essential for performance. Detailed scores are provided for each competency, indicating relative strengths and the potential to further develop.


How it works: Personality vs. competencies

The competency based insights in the CAS report are derived from an individual’s innate personality traits, as measured by the HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality Assessment. The HFMtalentindex online assessment system translates the results of the personality test into the candidate’s aptitude for the selected competencies, based on a scientific algorithm that has been developed and perfected over the past 20 years.  

Results: Competency based potential aligned to a specific job role

Answers the question: Will this person be able to perform effectively in this position?

Domain:  HPCSA registered HFMtalentindex Big Five Personality assessment

Time:  20 minutes

Administration:  Online; report available immediately after completion

Areas of Use:  Selection, Development, Performance Management