Agile leadership: what is it and why does it matter?

Agile leadership plays an essential role in organisations of the 21st-century. In order to be proactive and stay ahead of the shifting demands of business, leaders need to instil and drive an agile culture within the organisation. This requires a
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Job opening: Account Coordinator B2B

Our ideal Account Coordinator (B2B) is customer-oriented, professional and precise. We are looking for someone who is curious, asks questions and thinks about possible solutions - an ideal sparring partner for our customers and ourselves. Your tasks: You are one of the
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Learning Agility and agile working: a match made in heaven

By: Jaintheran Naidoo and Jan Meijning  An agile culture, agile mindset and learning agile people. The term Agility is increasingly front and centre in the strategy of organisations. In addition, more and more companies plan their work according to the agile methodology, not just in the IT department but throughout the organisation.
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Introducing TeamsDNA: a new innovation from HFMtalentindex

Research shows that effective, multidisciplinary teams are critical in complex and constantly changing work environments. Team performance can be the decider between success or failure. High performing teams don't develop in isolation. It is important to actively assess and develop the qualities
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Impressions from the 2019 Learning Agility Seminar

The third annual Learning Agility Seminar took place in Johannesburg on 30 May. This year’s theme was “The Impact of Learning Agility”, including the latest agility research and discussions on its applications in both selection and development. Great food, coffee,
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Learning Agility Insights Board: Standout themes from the 2019 Seminar

One of the highlights of the HFMtalentindex 2019 Learning Agility Seminar was the addition of an Insights Board - a way for delegates to share their thoughts and questions about Learning Agility. MC Rob Jardine noted on the day that the
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How learning agile is HR in South Africa? Here are the answers!

Nowadays, every employee needs to be learning agile to cope with the ever-increasing rate of change. But what about HR? Is HR agile and ready to take on the demands of change in the organisation? To answer this question, HFMtalentindex joined
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Learning Agility and leader success: Results from a meta-analysis

Since the inception of Learning Agility in 2000, following decades of research into the elusive elements of leadership success, increasing attention has been paid to finding out more about it and how it functions in organisations. A large number of
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How PEP applies Learning Agility for leadership development

As a large retailer in a competitive market, PEP is constantly striving to make sure they are a learning organisation. Therefore, Learning Agility has become a core part of the selection, learning and development initiatives at PEP...

Save the date - 2019 Learning Agility Seminar!

The 2019 Learning Agility Seminar is an invite-only event for HR leaders to share their knowledge and experiences of Learning Agility. This year's theme is "The impact of Learning Agility"...

Learning Agility: Results from the HFMtalentindex global study

Since the development of our first Learning Agility assessment in 2014, HFMtalentindex has been conducting a global research study into the functioning and effectiveness of Learning Agility. Download our research summary for more information about Learning Agility and the performance of individuals, teams and more...

HR and the agile workplace: Interview with Dr Jerry Gule

Dr Jerry Gule, CEO of the Institute of People Management and executive coach, gives his view of Learning Agility and the HR challenges of 2020 and beyond...

How learning agile is HR? First results from the South African study

How learning agile is HR in South Africa? Are HR professionals ready to meet the increased demands of change? These are some of the questions being asked by the Learning Agility in HR study. Below we present some of the initial findings from the research. 

Learning Agility: a key competency for the future

In the future of work, no one really knows exactly how job roles and responsibilities will shift. One simple fact remains clear amongst the unknown - your employees will need to be learning agile to proactively lead the way through these new challenges.

I scored low on my Learning Agility assessment - now what?

One of our clients recently completed her Learning Agility assessment and received a low score. Below, she reflects on her results, her reaction and where she plans to go from here…

Infographic: The five Learning Agility dimensions

We've put together a simple, visual summary of the five Learning Agility dimensions. What do they mean and why are they important?

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