Learning Agility Insights Board: Standout themes from the 2019 Seminar


Learning Agility Insights Board: Standout themes from the 2019 Seminar

Change is coming…and it’s already here

One of the highlights of the HFMtalentindex 2019 Learning Agility Seminar was the addition of an Insights Board – a way for delegates to share their thoughts and questions about Learning Agility. MC Rob Jardine noted on the day that the act of writing down questions and learnings as they happen is a proven neuroscientific method to increase both the memory retention and the impact of these insights. 

As promised, we have put together a list of our top questions and themes that emerged from the insights of our seminar delegates:

Change is coming…and it’s already here

Many insights shared by delegates commented on the fact that change is exponential and that its effects are already starting to be seen in the South African workplace. Along with this, delegates expressed the concern that their businesses were not doing enough to define and keep pace with these changes, and the awareness that Learning Agility is a key factor that employees need to harness to remain up-to-date and relevant. 

  • “If you don’t like change, you are going to like redundancy even less. Comfort with what you do is a thing of the past”
  • “Make change a way of life – adapt or die”
  • “We’re on the 2nd half of the chessboard – change isn’t coming, it is HERE!”
  • “Support change, not just tolerate it = agility”
  • “If external changes are exponential, how do organisations keep up?”
  • “Agility is no longer an option.”

The role of human connectedness

When discussing the topic of the 4th Industrial Revolution, people often express fears that AI and digitisation will lead to organisations becoming more technology-driven and less people-driven. However, delegates at the seminar felt very strongly that human connectedness needs to be at the root of any changes encountered in organisations, and that the agility of people and the people themselves are the most important elements for success. 

  • “Human ability is key -> 5th revolution = connectivity. We forget the importance of people!”
  • “Having a learning mindset; being part of those that are effecting change by really introducing our workforce to online learning etc.”
  • “Through all the technology, we are still human!”
  • “Exponential change in the environment of work requires agility from employees and employers to be able to function holistically and to give back to society.”
  • “If the 5th Industrial Revolution = Human connection, then teachers and schools will remain relevant for social connection. Face to face is key too!”

Growth and development

Knowing the importance of agility is one thing, but it is another thing altogether to nurture agility – in yourself and in others. This desire to develop Learning Agility is a core theme amongst HFMtalentindex clients and was also expressed by delegates at the 2019 seminar. Dr Meyer, our keynote speaker for the day, touched on education and Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in her presentation; this led to delegates sharing insights on these topics and indicating that they are going to encourage the use of MOOCs in their organisation. 

  • “Learning agility can be developed – start with self-awareness. IQ still important in performance, more than EQ.”
  • “Learning agility can be taught. Is there a specific age/phase where this teaching is most important? How is it taught?”
  • “Setting tough goals – applicable to coaching – how to achieve tough goals?”
  • “What behaviours promote learning agility and how can we foster development into those behaviours?”
  • “Self-directed learning future -> Moocs – people can enrol in a variety of courses virtually in an instant.”


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