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Introducing the HFMtalentindex Select: four perspectives, one report

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Introducing the HFMtalentindex Select: four perspectives, one report

The Select is an online selection assessment solution, incorporating competencies, cognitive ability, motivations and Learning Agility into one integrated report.

The Select is an online selection assessment solution, incorporating competencies, cognitive ability, motivations and learning agility into one integrated report.

The suite of tools are designed to work together synergistically, encompassing all domains that predict role fit and performance. The candidate receives a single link to the online assessment portal, and the tools take 90 minutes to complete.

Each of the areas assessed within the Select play an important role in the selection decision:

  • The personality-based competency potential scores provide an indication of a candidate’s role suitability and likelihood of success.
  • Cognitive ability indicates an individual’s mental horsepower and strengths/weaknesses.
  • Motivations provide insight into a candidate’s energy sources, key drivers within the workplace and preferences for different roles within the team.
  • Learning Agility is designed to measure an individual’s ability to respond effectively in the face of changing demands and new environments.

The Select report provides a full-picture overview of a candidate’s suitability for the job role as well as their strengths and development areas. Along with the psychometric results, specific competency-based interview questions are provided, based on a candidate’s unique profile of results. These questions can be used to delve deeper in the interview process and gather more valuable information to inform the selection decision.


The Select has been designed to solve many of the pitfalls inherent in the selection process:

All assessments are online and the candidate can complete them from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection.

Cost of a bad hire:
These assessments take much of the subjectivity out of the assessment process, helping you to make a clear, scientifically based decision. The Select offers you a complete and objective impression of the strengths and performance risks of any candidate, helping you to immediately differentiate between suitable and less suitable candidates.

Time constraints:
The full range of assessments takes only 90 minutes to complete, split into three 30-minute test sessions. Once the results have been received, the report can be generated immediately to avoid any delays in the selection process.

Assessment expense:
One of the biggest benefits of generating an integrated report is that you pay significantly less than you would if you used different tools from different providers.

Ease of use:
The report provides business-relevant insights with no need to interpret technical results. The information is presented in a way that makes it easy for line managers to make data-driven decisions.

Data silos:
The data is all stored securely in the cloud and can be used for ongoing development of the candidate once he/she is hired. All of these results can also be analysed via the talent analytics dashboards to review the hiring pool, monitor the quality of your recruitment, map talent, spot trends and much more.

The result: better selection decisions

The Select is designed to complement the interview process. By assessing candidates beforehand, you have an accurate view of who you should interview. The competency-based interview questions within the report help you to ask the right questions so that you learn more and can ultimately hire the most talented person for the role.


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