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Impressions from the 2019 Learning Agility Seminar


Impressions from the 2019 Learning Agility Seminar

See the highlights from the 2019 Learning Agility Seminar

The third annual Learning Agility Seminar took place in Johannesburg on 30 May 2019. This year’s theme was “The Impact of Learning Agility”, including the latest agility research and discussions on its applications in both selection and development. Great food, coffee, wine and discussion was enjoyed by the delegates at Summer Place in Sandton, and a number of speakers shared their expert insights on the day.

Setting the scene for the impact of Learning Agility

We were privileged to have Rob Jardine, Head of Solutions at the Neuroleadership Institute of South Africa, join us as MC at the 2019 Learning Agility Seminar. Under his guidance, delegates were invited to contribute their ideas, questions and comments to the Learning Agility Insights Board, the results of which are linked below. 

Dr Linda Meyer, from Boston City Campus & Business College, took on the role of keynote speaker, and shared her insights into the upcoming changes in the world of work, with a specific focus on education and preparing the younger generations for these changes. Dr Meyer spoke about the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution – something we are all quite familiar with – but also about the advent of the 5th Industrial Revolution – and the integral role of human connectedness in the workplace. 

Thereafter, Benjamin Buckingham, MD of HFMtalentindex South Africa, and Jaintheran Naidoo, Senior Organisational Psychologist, presented their take on the importance of Learning Agility – what it is, how it functions, the threat of exponential change, and how it links to important organisational outcomes in the South African and global research findings. 

Parallel sessions – building an agile culture and developing Learning Agility

After our introductory speakers, delegates were given the choice of two parallel sessions to attend. 

In the first, Dr Jonathan Louw, CEO of the South African National Blood Service, spoke at length about the process of building change-ready culture using Learning Agility. He shared practical advice on leadership and insight into his own experiences as a senior leader at a number of South African and international organisations.  

Meanwhile, Esta Viviers, Director of the Neuroleadership Institute of South Africa, hosted a practical hands-on mini-workshop focusing on the development of Learning Agility. One of the most popular questions and concerns asked by delegates was: If Learning Agility is so important, what do we do after measuring it? Can it be developed, and how do we go about doing this? Esta’s talk centred around the building blocks of Learning Agility from a coaching and growth mindset perspective. 


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