6 Competencies for leadership performance


6 Competencies for leadership performance

Competencies are more than the latest corporate buzzword. When used correctly, they are critical predictors of a range of leadership outcomes.

But which competencies should you measure to reap the greatest performance rewards?

The first step to recruiting or developing leaders is to assess those competencies that are important components of the performance puzzle. While each organisation or industry is different, these six competencies have been commonly linked to high performing, engaging and effective modern-day leaders.

1. Delegating

The sign of a good leader is one who is able to give away responsibility, yet not authority. This implies building a relationship of trust with subordinates to enable effective delegation of tasks.

  1. Directing

Being able to actively direct and manage activity is one of the most crucial competencies for high-performing leaders. There is a strong link between leadership performance and the ability to take charge.

  1. Motivating

Along with directing the actions of staff comes the elusive skill of actively motivating them. Effective leadership centres on the ability to win the support of the team. Listening skills is a secondary competency that can boost a leader’s ability to motivate his subordinates by helping him or her to gather important information.

  1. Providing feedback

Motivating staff is one piece of the management puzzle. It is also crucial to provide regular feedback on subordinate performance, along with insight into their effectiveness.

  1. Result oriented

Leaders who actively strive to achieve their goals are prepared to act with initiative and take action when required. A result oriented manager will not be afraid to make commitments and strive to realise these within the specified time frame.

  1. Structuring

A high performing leader should focus on applying and maintaining structure in his day-to-day work activities. This focus on a coherent structure should also be communicated to his or her employees.

The Management Potential Index (MPI)

HFMtalentindex’s Management Potential Index (MPI) report assesses the potential and behaviour of a candidate in terms of competencies that are essential for effective management. Competency scores are based on a candidate’s responses to the HFMtalentindex personality measurement, a psychometric questionnaire that is specifically designed to analyse relevant personality traits. To find out more about the MPI, click here.


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