Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
Part 1 of our new webinar series: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

HFMtalentindex and StartupSupport are excited to announce a new entrepreneurship webinar series. The first session is aimed at individuals who would like to grow their entrepreneurial mindset.

Getting onboarding right: The roadmap between recruitment and development

Onboarding is the natural starting point for development and performance management within your organisation...

The latest research into Learning Agility and team performance
Research: The latest insights into Learning Agility and team performance

Here are the results of our latest and largest research study into Learning Agility and team performance...

Learning Agility when working from home
Learning Agility & Remote working – download the ebook

Download the ‘Learning Agility & Remote working’ ebook - a guide to self-development and Learning Agility in the era of working from home...

Managing and adapting your talent management strategy
Adapting your talent management strategy in a post-pandemic world

We consider key questions that will help you to shape your post-pandemic talent management strategy in the areas of selection, development and more...

Competency profiling as a part of effective talent management
Competencies: The Core Of Effective Talent Management

This article answers common questions we often receive about competencies, including how to create an effective competency profile...

Learning Agility & Remote leadership

Our ‘Learning Agility & Remote leadership’ booklet provides coaching tips for each Learning Agility dimension, categorised into lower or higher scores, to help you optimise your remote leadership ability. 

Five crucial qualities that all your employees should have
Five crucial qualities that all your employees should have: Learning Agility

Do you know what your organisation will look like five years from now?

HFMtalentindex certification training for practitioners
Online certification training for practitioners

Join the HFMtalentindex practitioner certification training to use our online tools at your clients. This online programme is ideal for HR consultants, consulting psychologists, and psychometrists...

Webinar series
Webinar series: Let’s talk talent, live!

Find more information about our four-part webinar series, 'Let's talk Talent'...

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