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Learning Agility in HR – About the study

How agile is HR in South Africa, and how ready is it to meet the increased demands of relentless change?

To answer this question, HRPulse, HRworksIPM, HR Network, the Singularity Company and HFMtalentindex are carrying out a South African study into the Learning Agility of HR professionals. Participants will receive their own free Learning Agility results, and together we will publish the study findings to the community.

How Learning Agile are you? Take the test!

Do you ask your colleagues for help if you need to do something new at work? Or do you prefer to figure it out by yourself? Participate in the South African Learning Agility in HR study and test your own agility.

  • Participate anonymously – for free!
  • Your personalised Learning Agility report is instantly available
  • See your agility strengths and development areas

What is Learning Agility?

Your Learning Agility can be defined as your ability to develop new, effective behaviour when faced with new experiences. Those who are high on Learning Agility are more likely to actively embrace new challenges, seek out constructive feedback, recognize patterns in unfamiliar situations and effectively engage others in understanding experiences.

Defining Learning Agility in 90 Seconds

Some people are naturally more Learning Agile – embracing ambiguity, uncertainty and mental challenges. Others are more reluctant to venture into the unknown, preferring to stick to the familiar. Neither approach is wrong or right. One thing is clear however – in the face of the increasing pace of change in the workplace, it is important to try and maximise your Learning Agility as much as possible.


Why participate?

Participating in the HR Learning Study Study will take approximately 30 minutes of your time and is completely anonymous. By completing the test, you will receive your own personalised Learning Agility report, allowing you to discover your combination of agility strengths and development areas.

Armed with insight into your agility, you can maximise your strengths and develop your relatively lower scores. We will also be offering access to our Learning Agility Go Online Development Suite, free of charge. This is a digital platform that allows you to view your agility results, access development strategies, track progress and view real-time results.

Learning Agility Research Competition

All participants who choose to provide their contact details (optional) will automatically be entered into our HR Learning Agility competition. Five participants will win a full-day Go Change agility workshop, while five participants will win a Learning Agility Team DNA review. Winners will be randomly selected.


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